Client Background

A leading  Property Valuation/Appraiser Firm had been struggling to cope up with the work flow. Ample of opportunities knocked the door however this growing firm tried hard to manage data well and streamline the process. This led to a dip in the business ultimately.
With five branches all over India as yet, and in – planning to spread their wings more wide in diverse locations the management of the Firm decided to evolve and infuse the process with some smart technological move


Productivity was not increasing to deal with workflow even after increasing the manpower. Each task was getting more time consuming hence affecting the deliverables. Increase in manpower indirectly led to cost increase however, less output. It was getting difficult to sustain in today’s market. The Firm was in difficult terrains and extensive use of IT was required to streamline the process.


They were eyeing for some application or any technological development that can drive the Firm on a digital platform. This shall clear all the clutter and pending work to be completed in organized manner in a cost effective way.
The challenge was not only developing an application but also ensuring a smooth transition of the process to the digital platform. It was a great opportunity for the team of Vkart to address all the pain points of the client. Team Vkart’s extended support to integrate this cloud based property Appraiser software along with the training provided to the team of Appraiser & Engineers made the teething phase quite smooth and helpful.


After understanding the scenario and identifying the need of the hour Vkart Info Solutions suggested them – India’s first cloud based property valuation/Appraiser software – PropVal to be implemented. This application is very robust and best suitable for Data Management, ensuring data security and data storage on cloud.
This property valuation/Appraiser software proved to be very helpful for Appraisers & Engineers. Some of its beloved features that has stolen the show and made it to be the first preference of Property Appraisers are highlighted here:

  • Report Generation in Different Formats with just a click.
  • Android Based Mobile Application for Field Engineers.
  • Easy Access to Data & Data Management.
  • Open to any Customizations.
  • Cost Effective.

Apart from this, PropVal comes with many other promising features. After opting for this cloud based application, the team of Appraisers & Engineers was downloaded well with its uses and results. Now the situation has completely changed yielding fruitful results.

For Field Staff: The Android application designed especially for the field engineers has made their work easy. Carrying visit sheets like earlier is no more a requirement like before.
They now log in to the application and check no. of cases with property details assigned, fix an appointment, visit and fill details via dropdowns, capture precise location and submit the details in the app. This has saved a lot of time and smoothen the process.

For Report Maker: As per the earlier process, maker was dependent on the data sheets to be procured from field staff for staring a report however, as the complete data is on Cloud the maker of the report now intitates the case and with the live data in the software, start preparing the report. This has omitted the step of waiting for the visits sheets to reach the maker. Once the report is prepared by maker, same is vet by the seniors and Principal Appraisers and send to the client directly from the application.

Business impact

Once the teething phase was passed, team got a knack of PropVal and was glad with its usage and the outcome. Undoubtedly, unlike any one, team was reluctant to accept this change in the way of work. However, team Vkart had a proper hand-holding and ensured smooth transition of the process to the digital platform. Gradually things started following on place and the process got streamlined. After a period of time, Appraisers & Engineers came out with flying colors.

Following are the impacts on business after PropVal implications:

  • Analogue Access
  • Multiplication of Productivity
  • Savings on Time and Cost to the company.
  • Growth in Revenue Generation
  • Increase in monthly Turnover.
  • No dependency for signature and approval fastening the process.

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