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Challenges faced in Valuation Industry

Today in the world of digitalization, everything is possible at your fingertips. Be it, getting connected to a person in another corner of the world or making payments just with a click.
In the same way, people have accepted and understood the importance of technology in each and every business. Adapting technological way to grow your business is the smart move today.

In this article we shall throw light on what are the challenges faced by the engineers on the field and how software has made their work easy.

1. #Challenges faced by field engineers.
Few days back I came across an article on the internet related to this topic and thereafter it has definitely made me think on this. Field engineers who actually slog the whole day from dusk to dawn and visit different properties also faces several issues in terms of data collection and coordination. This article which I read highlighted some simple points which are valid and now taken care with the help of software.

Let’s say if an engineer has to visit 7 properties today,
He would take printouts of all the details of those 7 properties i.e., Name, Contact Number, Address, Landmark details etc. He would also carry a bunch of visit sheets in which he needs to fill details of the property while visiting. Images of the property visited along with the visit sheet is mailed or shared via what’s app to the back office team for the preparation of reports.

Here a lot of risk is involved like lost or damage of visit sheet, timely co coordinating with the back end for data send. Apart from this cost of stationary is also added in the expenses.

The same process is made more simplified; Engineers are assigned cases in the software itself. All he needs to do is login to the application via his mobile. Check the cases assigned, schedule an appointment and manage his visits time wise in the application. After the visit is done, he would than feed data in the app case wise. Backend team would access the same data live and prepare the property valuation report.

This step of adapting technology has yield various benefits to growing companies like accurate geographical data capturing , time saving, cost effective, increase in productivity and most importantly data security and accessibility.

So what do you think, is this a smart and much required move for valuation industry in India today?

Pour in your thoughts and suggestions below in the comment.

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