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Change in Property Valuation due to Real Estate Tech Startups

Appraisers are increasingly incorporating trend analysis when valuing real estate. This analysis involves consideration of various aspects i.e. market conditions; accessibility to basic public amenities, transportation property-specific characteristics also drives the value, etc. These trends can be used to predict future performance or support value adjustments for market conditions.

While trend analysis is a critical part of an accurate valuation, the resulting value is an estimate as of a particular date.

Technology is no longer a choice of convenience; it’s an essential we rely on. No matter where you look in commercial real estate, the influence of technology is inescapable. What makes this digital transformation unique and pervasive is that it not only transforms a particular process instead it transforms and complete strategy and structure of the business.

Property Valuation Software has enabled valuation process to deliver reports with accuracy as now there is more data at our fingertips. Commercial transactions happen faster and with more efficiency because all the players can readily access market data. “PropVal” is one such property valuation application that is penetrating the market gradually.

Now, preparing the valuation report is made easy due to its various features be it capturing longitude & latitude from Google or sending reports in different formats to the institutes.

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