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Property Valuation

ERP Solutions – Transform, Integrate and Scale Businesses.

Growth of the business and workload goes hand in hand. Initially, companies cope with the work pressure through spreadsheets and e-mail, eventually the tediousness of manual efforts will take its toll. With an ...

Property Valuation

Technology – Need of the hour for Real Estate Valuers.

“Technology is the new talk of the town today”. The technological innovation has always provided the humanity with the sudden advancement that has always served as the path for progressive developments. Times h...

Property Valuation

Challenges faced by the property valuers

In continuance to our past blog, I wish to share few more points on #challenges faced by the Property valuers. As we know, making a property valuation reports involves gathering a lot of information from variou...

Property Valuation

Challenges faced in Valuation Industry

Today in the world of digitalization, everything is possible at your fingertips. Be it, getting connected to a person in another corner of the world or making payments just with a click. In the same way, people...

Property Valuation

Change in Property Valuation due to Real Estate Tech Startups

Appraisers are increasingly incorporating trend analysis when valuing real estate. This analysis involves consideration of various aspects i.e. market conditions; accessibility to basic public amenities, transp...

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