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Property Valuation

Using intellectual property as collateral released at CII IP conference

New Delhi: Challenges in IP licensing and transfer, lack of uniformity in valuation of IPs among reasons cited for slow pace of financing The fifth edition of Confederation of Indian Industry’s flagship annual ...

Property Valuation

India: What Is Intellectual Property Valuation?

The resources of a business such as technology, copyright, trademarks and other IP are the building blocks of Brand Value. Knowledge of the value contribution of these resources and the linkages between them is...

Property Valuation

Intercoastal Mortgage Company Selects Appraisal Firewall Software

As more service-based processes become automated in the real estate appraisal and collateral valuation industry, continued innovation is the goal of Appraisal Firewall. New features and additional technology an...

Web Design

IT spend to touch $94 billion in 2020 on wings of software

In a forecast, the IT researcher Gartner recently said overall IT spending in India would grow 6.6% to reach $94 billion in 2020, from $88.5 billion in 2019. This growth would primarily be driven by spending in...

Property Valuation

Change in Property Valuation due to Real Estate Tech Startups

Appraisers are increasingly incorporating trend analysis when valuing real estate. This analysis involves consideration of various aspects i.e. market conditions; accessibility to basic public amenities, transp...

UX Strategies Web Design

4 UX Strategies That Can Help Make Your Website More Engaging

Share: Published on July 27th, 2016  Print this Page/Save it as a PDF Making sure your website is visually appealing to your users and understandable are the key aspects to most every – if n...

Web Design

7 Serious Reasons Why Concept Designs Can Ruin Your Career

Concept design is a big area that deals with other areas. But it stops a step before planning starts and always remains a bit ephemeral. Deciding to bet on yourself and base your concept design career only on t...

Web Design

Web Design And Web Development

For today’s post I searched the web for sites that had content that would make a difference to web designers and developers. I looked for sites with well-written, clear, and substantial articles and for content...

Wood letters of SEO and definition on wood background
SEO Web Design

Reasons Why WordPress Is the Best Platform for SEO

xyz Last modified: 01/05/2019 Read time: 5 min Last modified: 01/05/2019 Read time: 5 min WordPress is a popular content management system. Nowadays, users from all over t...

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