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Cloud Based Software Solution for the Modern Day Property Valuer.

Product Overview

We live in a digital era. Everything moves with great speed. The world of property valuers has’t remained untouched with this change! The digital era has created new challenges and problems for the Property Valuers. Traditional programs like “Word & Excel” are good tools but they do not and cannot manage our digital data.

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Most important of all we as “Property Valuers” have to realize that our data is at a constant risk of getting tampered or stolen. Vkart Info Solutions team has an answer to turn this problem around.

Introducing PropVal – a cloud based software solutions especially designed to address the needs and challenges faced day to day by the Property Valuers. PropVal is a simple, intuitive and powerful software to manage your work. PropVal has a flexible feature set available to Property Valuers today. Our extensive experience has given us a deep understanding of what works for you and what you need – a complete, end-to-end software platform for running a modern property valuation practice. PropVal has been designed for use on Web Browsers, iPads, iPhones, Windows/Android Tablet & Mobile devices. We aim to be a leader in enterprise-grade software platforms for Property Valuers.

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What is PropVal ?

A complete, end-to-end software platform for running a modern retail property valuation practice. PropVal has been designed for use on Web Browsers, iPads, iPhones, Android and Windows Tablet devices. PropVal has been designed using modern day web technologies – can be deployed on Computers/Laptops systems and Mobile devices.

Why PropVal ?

  • Native & Hybrid Android Application for with custom data fields – data collection of Property made easy. Capture multiple property images and with tags and other data automatically uploaded & ready for report generation.
  • Get real property location on Maps via Google Maps Api.
  • Capture nearby places and details of property like “Longitude & Latitude”.
  • Facility to upload custom word based report templates. Generate Valuation reports with custom format upload function.
  • Value based reports approvals.
  • Maker & Checker report authentication process to ensure zero error free reports.
  • Report data is saved, processed and stored on your cloud Gdrive – your data is always with you – Safe & Secure.
  • Suitable for report generation from 50 cases MOM to more than 1000.

Advantage ?

Propval will ensure strict compliance management, and allows custom report generation. Propval empowers your business with tools and processes, assisting you in creating consistent and accurate valuation reports within the permissible time set by the industry. With Propval , all your data is always with you – at the click of your mouse or touch of your mobile. With intelligent data at your fingertips keep an eagle eye view on the business and take timely decisions.

Benefits ?

  • Work from Anywhere
  • Increased Productivity
  • Security & Data Protection
  • Optimized Data
  • All reports archived easily accessible with a click of a button.
  • Exemplar Support
  • Seamless and protected coordination between team for quality generation of reports.


  • Creative Valuers & Engineers, Mumbai
  • Ankalan Valuers & Engineers, Mumbai
  • SNA Valuers, Mumbai
  • Promac Valuers, Mumbai
  • God Grace Valuers, Mumbai
  • Dhananjay Dattar & Associates , Pune

& many more…

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