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For today’s post I searched the web for sites that had content that would make a difference to web designers and developers. I looked for sites with well-written, clear, and substantial articles and for content that discussed CMS’s such as WordPress, tools such as Photoshop, tutorials for code such as CSS and HTML, thoughts on user experience (UX) and user interfaces (UI), tips, tricks, resources, and freebies.

In today’s post we’ll have a look at the 55 best blogs and websites for web designers and developers.

Please note that blogs are in no particular order.


1. Web Designer Depot

Web Designer Depot is a collaboration between designers worldwide who contribute features, articles, and tutorials to help grow the design community. Topics include HTML 5, CSS3, responsive design, typography, usability, jQuery, mobile apps, resources, business, freelancing, inspiration, and more.

2. InstantShift

InstandShift is a popular community for web designers and developers. There’s a lot of excellent posts about WordPress, Web Design, CSS, Tools, Tutorials, Fonts, Photography and so much more.

3. CSS-Tricks

Founded by Chris Coyier, this site originally covered CSS and now has a team of 11 that covers every aspect of web design and development. Their content includes articles, videos, code snippets, etc., and includes tutorials, news, general information, and more.

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